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Our Story

Our Purpose

Our purpose it to produce companion products such as coordinating dog apparel, owner fashion, and home décor that reflect the deep connection you have with your pup.


In all that we dream up and create, the dog always comes first. For your pup of any size or breed, these products are designed to add warmth, comfort, and happiness to you and your dog’s everyday lives.


From apparel, to everyday, wearable pieces that would compliment your daily walks, Hound & House strives to fulfill every customer’s needs for comfortable and stylish products


Who We Are and How We Started

Mother-daughter team, Kerri and Ali Smith, started their idea for comfortable, coordinating, dog fashion in Aurora, Colorado after realizing they’ve spent enough money on products that just didn’t seem to fulfill their vision for stylish fashion and comfort for themselves and their dogs.


Kerri and Ali worked hard thinking of ideas to create and manufacture for the dog-obsessed owners in Colorado and all over the nation. With the goal of bringing coordinating fabrics together to produce clothing, for owner and dog, walking accessories and more, Kerri and Ali work side-by-side every day to bring great, high-fashion pieces to dog-lovers of all types. 

Our Inspiration


Lucky Boy (2006-2019)

an Alaskan Malamute and hound to Kerri and Joe Smith, Lucky helped inspire Hound & House’s future furniture line and more. With Lucky topping 150 lbs., Kerri always had issues finding a comfortable, orthopedic, big-enough bed for him. She would spend hundreds of dollars on multiple beds that would hopefully fit Lucky and also help support his big frame, but nothing seemed to be comfortable enough and also look good with the rest of the home décor. Lucky’s giant body and sweet disposition inspired a big part of the creation of Hound & House.


Ellie Mae (b. 2013)

a Brindle Boxer and hound to Ali Smith, Ellie Mae helped inspire Hound & House’s clothing line for dogs. Just a little under 60 lbs., Ellie Mae’s lean, muscular frame inspired Ali to search for cute, comfortable hoodies and winter jackets for this dog. While Ellie’s sweatshirt and jacket collection is extensive, Ali never felt like she could easily find Ellie’s size that also featured stylish designs. Ellie’s goofy, yet adorable personality, her body type, and the love of clothing tremendously inspired the creation of Hound & House.

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